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South Africa Synod, United Congregational Church of Southern Africa

The South Africa Synod is one of five synods comprising the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa.    In 2002, the Regional Councils in South Africa were organized into one synod thus forming the South Africa Synod of the UCCSA.  Before 2002, the activities and mission of the church were done at denominational level.

One challenge confronting the Synod is the limited number of full time ministers.  There are 280 local congregations in South Africa, many of which have outstations.  These 280 congregations are served by 91 full-time ministers of the UCCSA, about 11 interns and a few Presbyterian ministers.  The rest of the 260 clergy are self-supporting, seconded, out of charge or emeritus.

South Africa Synod website

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