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CONASPEH -National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches

CONASPEH believes that education is the major key to achieving its goal and meeting the needs of the people.  This  explains  the establishment of primary and secondary schools in the headquarters building and a  school association that  coordinates the primary and secondary schools  operated by the member churches.  Vocational workshops are organized to give a professional and technical formation to the youth, especially  in remote areas of the country.

Andrew Theological Seminary provides adequate formative education for our pastors allowing them to deepen their biblical studies.  The principal goal of these courses is not only biblical but also practical as well so that pastors are equipped  to treat socio-economic and judicial problems in their respective communities.

CONASPEH is also actively involved in the Adult Literacy Program, supported by the government.  It is estimated that 65% of the Haitian people are illiterate. 

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