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World Refugee Day Resouces

 When was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you?" – Matthew 25:38

World Refugee Day - June 20, is a day to lift up refugees displaced by war, civil unrest and persecution, all of which tear away at the fabric of human community.


Of the eleven million refugees in the world today, seven million have been "warehoused," in camps or segregated settlements for 10 years or longer. In camps, refugees live in crowded conditions in some of the most remote and inhospitable living conditions. Refugees are not allowed to grow their own food. Nor are they allowed to earn an income for their labor. They survive on meager food rations and water that is trucked in or wells which are dug for them. Waiting in line for water is a major activity of the day. Tents and temporary structures become permanent homes. Safety is not assured. Refugee camps are not safe places to raise a family and yet many children are born there. While refugees wait for the opportunity to return home, locally integrate or be resettled, they stagnate, become dependent, lack stimulation, lose motivation and even hope resulting in a tremendous waste of human potential.

There are several ways you can help refugees

Bring attention to the issue of refugees. Find a day to lift up refugees at your church. Worship resources are available at:

Church World Service

United Church of Christ


Provide support to refugees around the world by giving generously to the One Great Hour of Sharing and Week of Compassion offerings. You can give through your local church or online.

  1. Advocate for fair refugee and immigration legislation. Consider the letter sent to President Bush by the Global Ministries board on April 19, 2006, in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, found on the Refugee Ministries and Global Ministries web-sites.

 World Refugee Day - UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

 Church World Service
Church World Service and its member denominations, including the UCC and Disciples of Christ, provide help and homes to refugees, and work to build a hospitable community in the United States for uprooted people. Each year, CWS resettles about 8,000 refugees and entrants in the United States, with congregations and affiliate agencies providing services locally. UCC Refugee Ministries helped resettle 711 refugees in 2005. In refugee camps in Africa and Asia, CWS provides health care and post primary education through its Durable Solutions for Displaced People program. You can help welcome refugees and be a part of the solution overseas providing support for refugee programs abroad.

 More Resources
 News About Refugees


 Missionary Stories About Refugees
Welcoming the Foreigner [South Africa, Zimbabwe]
March 31, 2008

Righteousness [Kenya, South Africa, Sudan, Zimbabwe]
March 29, 2008

A Human Tsunami [Botswana, Zimbabwe]
August 9, 2007

All Saint's Day [Indonesia, East Timor]
November 11, 2006



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