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Disaster Response

B'Tselem: Everyone has the right to life [Israel-Palestine]
July 15, 2014

Alert: Crisis in Aleppo [Syria]
June 16, 2014

Korean Ferry Disaster [Korea]
April 22, 2014

Update on UCCP response to Typhoon Haiyan [Philippines]
November 26, 2013

Congo partners express concern over California wildfires [Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa)]
September 3, 2013

NESSL update on Syria [Syria]
August 15, 2013

Iran-Pakistan Earthquake [Iran, Pakistan]
April 17, 2013

Hurricane Isaac [United States]
August 30, 2012

Syria: an update on response [Syria]
August 14, 2012

News from Japan Missionaries [Japan]
July 8, 2012


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 Discples of Christ
Week of Compasion

 United Church of Christ
One Great hour of Sharing (International)

 United Church of Christ
Disaster Relief in the United States


National and international emergency response operations are supported through the Disciples of Christ and the United Church of Christ.  However, you may find some special projects related to long term rehabilitation and community development sponsored by Global Ministries.

 Missionary Stories
A Human Tsunami [Botswana, Zimbabwe]
August 9, 2007

Ordinary Hunger [Indonesia]
February 28, 2007

The School Year at Chiang Mai [Thailand]
August 17, 2006

Disasters [Indonesia, East Timor]
March 28, 2006

Time of Contradictions [Indonesia]
March 9, 2006

From Despair to Hope [Sri Lanka]
October 19, 2005

Report from Rev. S. Jeyanesan [Sri Lanka]
October 7, 2005

Reckless faith [Indonesia]
October 7, 2005

Tsunami relief update [Sri Lanka]
May 1, 2005

Children help children [Sri Lanka]
March 1, 2005

Destruction in Mullaitivu [Sri Lanka]
February 1, 2005

A time to build [Malaysia]
February 1, 2005

Visiting a tsunami survivors camp [Sri Lanka]
February 1, 2005

Tsunami relief in the Jaffna Diocese [Sri Lanka]
February 1, 2005

Tsunami Prayer [Sri Lanka]
January 1, 2005

Water from the well [Sri Lanka]
January 1, 2005

Relief organization for tsunami victims [Sri Lanka]
January 1, 2005

An update from Sri Lanka [Sri Lanka]
January 1, 2005


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